Sunday, March 25, 2012


On Saturday Jemimah and I headed into the city to Myer to see Rumi Neely of fame in her first ever public Australian appearance. Rumi is in Australia to promote and shoot for the new Myer Miss Shop blogger project in which 14 Australian fashion bloggers and Rumi (who's from LA) were asked to design items for the new Miss Shop range. Rumi was super nice and even complimented me on my jumper which she called a 'sweater' which was really cute.

Rumi and her security guard

Me trying on a faux fur hat from the new collection

Accidental instant photo which turned out quite cool

Bottom photo is of Rumi, Jemimah and myself

(images via: jemimah's and my i-phone)


  1. So jealous! Wish I could've gone!
    I do like your sweater :)

  2. So cool, love Rumi!

  3. why did she have a security guard?
    nice photos btw :)

  4. that's awesome! & you look fabulous!


    Erin @


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