Sunday, June 24, 2012

this will destroy you

I'm a sucker for outrageous heels but these shoes designed by Anastasia Radevich bring a whole new meaning to the word outrageous! With the wedge shape space filled out by a startling sentence: 'This will destroy you' and the almost apocalyptic textural marble-like print on the body of the shoe turn this into more than just a fashion statement but rather a work of art. 
These shoes look almost too good to wear (although, I would wear these babies on almost a daily basis) they look as though they belong in a museum or an art gallery. I cannot stop staring at them!
(images via luxirare)

chernobyl 013

The designer himself - Matcho Suba

Charlotte Dawson and Matcho Suba

Tutu and myself before the show

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Melbourne based designer of Project Runway Australia fame, Matcho Suba's collection launch. It was aesthetically everything that I like about fashion - edgy, dark, somewhat controversial, provocative and just fabulous.
The collection predominately incorporated PVC, pleather, studs, lace and of course who could forget the accessories complete with a dolls leg as a necklace?
The collection was based around or inspired, if you like, by the Ukrainian nuclear disaster of the 1980's; Chernobyl, which the ramifications are still very much evident in the Ukraine today.
(images via meagan harding for stylezilla)

Friday, June 8, 2012


Anyone that knows me knows that I love all things metallic, so here's a post dedicated to all the stuff that Eurasian magpies (and me) lust over!

(images via: my tumblr (bleedgold), stylebistro, thefashionspot)