Tuesday, May 29, 2012

science behind the art

The man behind the science and the art, Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes who you may be interested to know is a man and used to be a microbiologist scientist and after spending years of his life tracking viruses for U.S government, now works as a full-time fine artist in California. His work is out-of-this-world amazing and unlike anything I've ever seen before, skeletons, snakes, exotic animals, sex and Hindu and Buddhist deities are prevalent in his work which is often done with pink, purple and blue chalks, water-colours and spray-paints. I strongly advice you to check out some more of his work online here
(images via: kelseybrookes, killerdana)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

topshop australia x russh magazine

RUSSH Magazine's deputy editor Clare Alstin and editor-in-chief Jess Blanch

Jess shot by Candice Lake

Last night I had the privilege of being invited by Topshop Australia for an event they were hosting at their Melbourne store featuring trend talks by the editor-in-chief of my favourite magazine, RUSSH, Jess Blanch and her take on this season's fashions was as refreshing as the raspberry and cucumber cocktails which were being served to the guests all night long. Jess reflected on her favourite shows from homegrown MBFWA and from the fall/winter shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London and I was lucky enough to be able to chat to her one-on-one before the end of the night. 

Wearing a blazer, basic-tee, boyfriend jeans and her signature chunky frames Jess was the embodiment of her magazine and it's tagline 'Australian at heart, international in mindset.'
After having a chat to Jess we were able to browse the store and check out exclusive pieces from the new seasons' range which haven't yet hit the shop-floor.

All in all it was a great night and I thank Topshop Australia and RUSSH for having me there!

Thanks for the goodies!

(images via: stylemeromy, shopbop and myself)