Saturday, March 19, 2011

rainbow stylin'

Japanese photographer Taisuke Koyama's 'Melting Rainbows' collection has recently been released into a book. The ethereal colours take you from mundane reality to an ethereal artistic experience. I can't get enough of the melting pastel reds, oranges, blues, violets, greens, yellows and indigos!
(images via tyskkym)


  1. amazing! i love your blog, so glad I found it :)

  2. hello kate. i just wanted to say that i have fallen head over heels for your tumblr. sometimes i feel like i am the only soul left using blogspot and so i still need to orient myself with this new way of doing things..
    needless to say you have exceptional taste in every sense. (your music is rad as well)
    kelsea, from florida


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